Quality Care and Enriched Learning

A leader in school age care, Kids’ Country is committed to implementing best practices in the field of out of school time for students ages 5 to 12. We create an inspired and inclusive environment and enriched activities for children specially designed for different age groups. Kids’ Country is the only accredited after school agency in the district and the largest in Northern California. Kids thrive at Kids’ Country because they are engaged in doing great things, every day.


Social-Emotional Support Amidst the Pandemic

In addition to keeping children physically safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also important to care for their social-emotional health. Children are born with the need and desire to connect with those around them. When we establish positive relationships with children through the years and value their diverse cultures and languages, children feel safe and secure, laying the foundation for healthy social and emotional development.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently reports that the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is low for young children, research on natural disasters makes it clear that children are more vulnerable to the emotional impact of traumatic events that disrupt their daily lives.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, everyday life has changed and will continue to change for most people, often with little notice. Children may struggle with significant adjustments, which may interfere with their sense of structure, predictability, and security. Children also may worry about their own safety and the safety of their loved ones and uncertainties for the future.

The primary factor in recovery from a traumatic event is the presence of a supportive, caring adult in a child’s life. Even when a parent is not available, children can benefit greatly from the care provided by other adults who can offer them consistent care. Social connectedness improves children’s chances of showing resilience to adversity.

Kids’ Country teachers play an important role in nurturing children’s social and emotional development. Kids’ Country teachers cultivate their ability to develop healthy relationships, manage challenges, and realize their potential. We provide social interaction, which focuses on the relationships we share with each other; including relationships with adults and peers. With mindfulness, we encourage emotional awareness including the ability to recognize and understand our own feelings. Each day we help the children in our community feel safe, secure and cared for. 


Kids' Country supports a child's natural curiosity and love of learning in a safe and inspired environment where they can discover their passions and achieve great things.