About Us

Every day, Kids’ Country serves 2,000 children every day at our 15 elementary school-based sites. Our caring staff tailor programs and activities to the needs and interests of the children. Each site is intentionally designed to inspire and engage students in both planned and self-initiated activities that build skills, empathy, and creativity.

“Children discover ways to use things that adults would never think of. I put up a Lego Wall in the big kids’ room and some of them combined Legos with yarn to make a little pulley system. They spent weeks using it to raise and lower various things to see how much weight it could support.”

Ryan Gipson, Coyote Creek Site Director

Our Values

Our Children: Children come first

Founded by community parents looking for quality out-of-school care for their children, Kids’ Country offers children an enriched learning environment that is both challenging and fun. Programs are developed to engage children’s interests and build their skills while doing things they love.

Our Program: A Cutting Edge Approach

We draw on the best of child development research to develop curriculum that is on the cutting edge and inspires curiosity, creativity and innovation. With access to the latest technology and open-ended materials that spark play, art, engineering, building and other creative projects, kids have the freedom to design their own experiences.

Our Staff: Empowered and Engaged

Our professional staff are experts in providing high quality learning opportunities and care during out-of-school hours. With the freedom to create dynamic programs that foster the unique talents of the individual children in their care, Kids’ Country staff are committed to collaboration, teamwork and professional development.

Our Community: We have deep roots.

For over 30 years, we have been committed to creating a lasting impact on the children we serve and on our community. Each of our sites is a part of a tight knit neighborhood that is highly engaged in the success of its children. Our loyalty to our neighbors drives us to make an impact on every generation that we serve.

Our Culture: We are passionate.

We love working with children and we value being a trusted resource for families. Our passion for excellence, creativity, diversity and innovation allows us to maximize our impact. By welcoming the individuality of our children, our staff, and our neighborhoods, we create an inclusive environment in which all children can thrive.



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Our Leadership

Kids’ Country’s Leadership Team brings years of experience in child development, business, nonprofit and program management, and fund development.

Our Board

Our Board of Directors are accomplished business and community leaders who play an active role in ensuring the quality and sustainability of Kids’ Country’s programs.

Contact Us

If you’d like to learn more about Kids’ Country or have feedback, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Kids' Country supports a child's natural curiosity and love of learning in a safe and inspired environment where they can discover their passions and achieve great things.