Meet Mr. Sam

Sam Pulanco—“Mr. Sam” to students—is one of Kids’ Country’s Resident Artists and Curriculum Specialists.

Happiness Maker

“I love making music that people will feel!

Sam Pulanco, Resident Artist and Curriculum Specialist

Sam has been with Kids’ Country for five years and has developed specialized Enrichment curriculum that incorporates music and technology. “Our Enrichment Program has given me an outlet to merge my passion for music with creative content in technology,” says Sam. “I love designing new curriculum that inspires kids.”

A long-time musician, Sam offers a number of classes including Google CS First: Music and Macs, Electronic DJ’ing, Creating a Digital Symphony, and Sound Design. He notes, “As a musician, I’ve learned to incorporate technology in different ways. Teaching these classes has tapped into my creative potential, just as I provide the tools for kids to tap into their own creativity.”

Sam always strives for that balance between music and tech. The underpinning of all he teaches is listening: for the sounds in everyday things, nature, and music.  There’s nothing like following Sam and a stream of his students at a Target store as they sample sounds for a project they are working on!

Importantly, Sam is a friendly and caring teacher who believes in treating everyone fairly. One can see this in his classes as he helps students focus on their projects.

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