Meet Ms. Makenzie

Makenzie Neth is the kind of leader that exemplifies Kids’ Country’s core values. She is passionate about fostering each child’s individuality in her role as Assistant Site Director at our Sycamore Valley site.


“It’s important to model fairness and compassion by listening to both sides of the story”

Makenzie Neth— Assistant Site Director, Sycamore Valley

“I’m a very creative person, which is why I love working with kids. They have their own ideas and think in ways that constantly surprise me,” says Ms. Makenzie. Makenzie Neth is the kind of leader that exemplifies Kids’ Country’s core values. She’s worked for years with children in different Bay Area after school programs, but thrives professionally at Kids’ Country because she has the freedom to grow and express her own individuality.  Makenzie comments, “Kids’ Country creates an environment where staff can try new things, so always feel like I’m learning.”

One of the skills Makenzie has learned while on the job has been filmmaking. She works closely with Kids’ Country Resident Artist Sam Pulanco on her film camp. “I’ll tell Sam I have an idea about how to teach film techniques and he’ll say, ‘Let’s try it!’” Makenzie works to make film camp special each year so returning kids can learn new skills.

Summer camps, with their large number of students, can occasionally be a challenge in keeping everyone focused and having fun. Meltdowns are inevitable, but Makenzie is drawn to children who have difficulty in expressing their emotions in the moment. Her patience and excellent listening skills help children to take a breather and identify what they need.

Kids’ Country staff member and parent Jessica Burg comments, “My son Reed adores Ms. Makenzie and lights up when he talks about her. He’s sad when Ms. Makenzie is with the big kids and not the little kids!”

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